I’m a Bulgarian-Ukrainean, married to an Israeli with a Polish-Russian roots and a Swedish citizenship, currently living in Poland,  and greatly enjoying meeting people from across the globe. My family is a mix of cultures and nationalities, and it couldn’t be more wonderful. I dream of my life road to be a meeting place for open-minded people who’re interested in other cultures and like to share theirs.  And if I encounter a few bumps on the way that’s fine too – if I come out a little ruffled at the end, there’ll be more to talk about, and boy do I love talking!

I enjoy fashion and beauty, home-made and high-end cosmetics, good wine and honey, aromatic coffee and strong tea; I’m curious about foreign cultures, I thrive in music, I occasionally live in a the world of a book, and musicals are my ultimate treat. On a more down-to-earth note I’m interested in finding the essence of entrepreneurial spirit so I can finally obtain it, I’d like to work in  marketing and practice personal growth on a daily basis. I’d also like to endlessly eat chocolate and cupcakes and not get fat, but – oh, well. I want to know this and that and learn that other thing too. And this is a place for me to unload the thoughts that no longer fit in my crowded brain.


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